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Getting your Boat ready to sell
In real estate they say there are only three important factors: location, location and location. Well, that is just as true if not more so when you are selling your boat. In the winter we can understand using a broker at your boat yard, although we feel we can do a better job. However in the summer Stearns Boating LLC is the only Yacht broker located near the Chicago harbors. We can walk to DuSable, Monroe and Burnham Harbors.
The more exposure, the faster your boat will sell. Also, buyers tend to gravitate to Yacht Centers when they are shopping for boats. So clearly, your boat and broker should be in a major boating area where there is a lot of sales activity.

Get it surveyed then there is no questions ....
While it is not required, there are definite advantages to having a survey done by a qualified marine surveyor. His findings will enable you to correct those problems that you may not have known about. Having a good survey in hand is a great selling tool when presenting your yacht.

The yacht has to be clean, that means getting anything that is not being sold with the boat off. That includes all your favorite treasures, spare parts and just extra stuff that seems to collect on boats. Pay special attention to the lockers (if necessary, paint the insides of the lockers).

The engine room and engine should be squeaky clean; the stove and under the stove area, the bilge and the head, they should all be spotless. Its when a buyers says Wow! You could eat off the engine its so clean that you have really made an impression.

The whole boat should be in BoatShow condition inside and out. This is really important. If you don't have the time, we'll be glad to put you in touch with people who specialize in this type of work. It is well worth the time and expense. Have a friend come inspect it. There are many places you might be blind to so double check.

Price it right
Of course you want to get the best price possible for your boat. Research is the only answer.
Have your broker find several similar boats on the market. Compare the price, condition and equipment; find out how long the boat has been on the market.

1 Review recent sales of similar yachts (what they sold for not their advertised price).

2 Look at other available sources such as Yacht World. Use these sources only as guidelines for they are often a little high or low.

3 Remember, when setting the price, you have to leave a little room for negotiating.

There is one aspect of setting the price that we have to be perfectly frank about. This may not apply to you, but we sometimes see sellers who are emotionally attached to their boats and are looking for unrealistic prices. We should warn you, some brokers are interested in just getting the listing so they will list a boat at any price. Their strategy is that after a few lowball offers, you (the owner) will get realistic and accept a lower price.
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