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I am a great example of why this is important. Here is what I learned.

1. Don't bring tuning knowledge from other boats to the J/70. It will not help. I just finished sailing the J /111 and it goofed me up.

2. Read your Sailmakers tuning guide before the race. Sails change and ideas change so what you did last year might not be correct for the new sails.

3. Remember I had Doyle sails so these are ideas. In light air cross sheet your jib to the cabin house almost 5" to point and get power. (I didn't do it and suffered) Judd told me after the race.

4. In the 5 to 11 conditions gong high downwind feels good but is really slow. Work on rotating the chute around the boat and go low. The back of the fleet which I visited a bunch, was pointing way to high downwind.

  1. When the wind hits 10, playing the main downwind pump it in waves

6. Speed is everything up wind. It is almost imposable to hold a lane behind a boat because you have to keep the boat up and the boat ahead always get the puffs first. It is too easy to stop the boat.

7. Judd suggested and I like it to store you jib and Main halyard down the forward hatch.

8. Make sure you have a strong aggressive person pulling the sheet around on the jibe. That way you can turn the boat really fast and the sail is already over. In the 5 to 12 knows no slow jibes. If you don't have a strong person you will have to jibe slower because it is worse to leave the spinn on the wrong side.

9. Side stay tension is critical. I suggest we make a rule in our fleet for a year that you can change it during a race. We will learn more that way.

  1. Basically to win I have to be more aggressive at everything.
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